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Icarus Interstellar University of Miami Chapter

15 Apr 2015, 05:17 UTC
Icarus Interstellar University of Miami Chapter
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In the ever-evolving world of science, energetic innovation is key to providing students with the inspiration necessary to dive into the modern STEM workforce. We joined Icarus Interstellar as the official University of Miami student chapter with that in mind, and with the goal of looking into not only what can be done today, but forward into what will be possible tomorrow.
After becoming accepted as an official chapter through our initial research proposal of a novel spacecraft, which we named a “µProbe”, we met with Icarus Interstellar President Dr. Andreas Tziolas to discuss what our place in the organization would be. In addition to considering the possibility of working on other projects alongside researchers of Icarus, we decided to heavily pursue our original research proposal.
Pictured above: sophomore Alexandra Damley-Strnad (Research and Development Chair) and freshman Shayna Hume (Project Administrator) taking the team through a run down of the projects subsystems on 4/1/15. From left to right: freshmen Matthew Ludwig, Michael Lennon, and Richard Andersson.

Thus, this chapter’s goal moving forward is to investigate the Pioneer Anomaly through a new CubeSat type platform being designed for deep-space probe applications. Our semester goal is the completion of a ...

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