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Why the Moon?

30 May 2015, 05:42 UTC
Why the Moon?
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In spite of my interest in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, I’m still a firm believer that the Moon has a major role to play in space settlement. While Mars and Venus (at the cloud level) may have atmospheres more conducive to human colonization, and while some asteroids might have more concentrated mineral wealth, I still think the moon has several advantages that will make it a key part in humanity’s expansion into the solar system, many of which come down to “location, location, location”:

Many Feasible “Cash-Crops”: For any ongoing settlement, you’re going to need to get some things from earth, even if your ISRU technology and local manufacturing capabilities are really good. Which means you need some way of bringing new money into the colony to pay for services back home. While it is possible that immigration to your colony might be your cash crop, the nice thing about the Moon is that it has several potential cash crops, including:

Water Mining — As Planetary Resources, MoonEx, and Shackleton Energy like pointing out, water is a very valuable resource both for propulsion and for life support. The lunar poles have enough water to be potentially very interesting. We need ...

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