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Minor Blog Upgrades

22 May 2015, 05:53 UTC
Minor Blog Upgrades
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This is sort of a cheat for meeting my blog-a-day quota for this last month, but I wanted to note a few minor tweaks I’ve made to the blog. I’m not really savvy with all the coding experience needed to modify javascript, .php, or CSS stylesheets, so they are pretty simple tweaks, but hopefully they’ll improve people’s blog reading experience.
Specific changes:

I’ve enabled the use of comment and author avatars. I wanted a way of helping people tell which posts were mine and which were those of the other bloggers, as there’s been occasional confusion. I wasn’t able to figure out how to splice in the code to display our avatars next to each post title, but it’s a start.
I added a bio block at the bottom of each post (when you click on the individual post), serving the above mentioned function of making it clear which of us wrote which post.
I added a profile picture/avatar that’s recent enough to show me with my beard (and all the grey hair I’ve earned between two space startups and four little boys).
I also installed a plugin that lets me add footnotes to my blog posts.1

The footnotes appear ...

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