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OBSERVING ALERT - A Very Active Sun!

14 May 2015, 17:41 UTC
OBSERVING ALERT - A Very Active Sun!
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Hello all my fellow backyard stargazers, it has been awhile. April wasn't a very good month for me here in TN, lots of clouds and rain. May hasn't started out great either, but I did get a window yesterday (May 13th) to do some white-light imaging and Hydrogen-Alpha imaging of our Sun.Right now, the Sun is putting up a great show for white-light observers, with plenty of large and small active regions to enjoy.Solarham.com is a FANTASTIC SITE!! Go support them!Here is my effort at capturing AR2339 with my Celestron C8 at f20 (Shorty 2x Barlow) and my ImagingSource DMK21.04 camera. This is 2 mins of frames, stacked and processed with Registax.Whitelight observers aren't the only ones that enjoyed the sunspots yesterday and the details on the solar disk, there was a wonderful prominence as well! Here is my processed image of about 2 mins of frames grabbed by my Coronado SolarMax 60II and the DMK21.04 camera, oh and with a 2x Barlow too.Prominence in Hydrogen-Alpha captured at 1240 Central TimeNow one of the coolest things you can do with prominences, and even with sunspots, is to create a time-lapse of their movement over time. Its a great way to ...

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