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The Mars Society

Mars Society Loses a Member of Its Family

4 Apr 2015, 20:01 UTC
Mars Society Loses a Member of Its Family
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John Barainca (1935-2015) R.I.P.We announce with great sadness the passing of John Barainca, one of the founding members of the Mars Society and a dedicated supporter of the organization's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS).John played a key role in establishing the MDRS facility by helping select its location in Utah and working as part of the crew that built the station. He served as long-time Hab manager, volunteering countless hours to repair and improve the station, manage its field seasons and train its crews. In addition, John participated as part of the MDRS astronomy team.Commenting on John's passing, Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin said, "John was a dedicated leader in the effort to move humanity forward and outward into the universe. More than that, he was a good man and a great friend. He will be missed."“We lost John. His passing marks the end of an era for MDRS. He was involved with the program from the beginning and was also my very dear friend. He will be greatly missed,” said MDRS Director Shannon Rupert. MDRS Remote Science Team Coordinator Dr. Jean Hunter added, "We'll remember John's passion for teaching, his ability to build and repair twice as fast ...

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