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MarsOne CEO Responds to Claims of Conspiracy and Fraud

19 Mar 2015, 20:49 UTC
MarsOne CEO Responds to Claims of Conspiracy and Fraud
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The suffix “-gate” is often added to words to create a meaning of conspiracy or public debacle, à la the 1972 Watergate scandal that destroyed Nixon’s term as U.S. president, and we might soon be referring to this as “Marsgate” – the allegations of MarsOne of illegitimacy and fraudulent (or at the very least sketchy) practices by Medium.com reporter Elmo Keep and her contact Dr. Joseph Roche. While Keep and Roche – the latter of whom was chosen as a finalist in the latest round of candidate selections for a future one-way trip to Mars – are certainly not alone in their doubtfulness of the Dutch nonprofit company’s ability to actually set up a human colony on Mars over the next decade, their March 17 exposé article has certainly helped to position MarsOne directly under the burning spotlight of public skepticism (a place some say it should have been since the very beginning.)
Not to let such bad publicity remain blatantly unanswered, MarsOne CEO Bas Lansdorf has published a video interview in which he responds to the criticisms brought up by Keep and Roche. One thing Lansdorf does note is that there has been a delay of two years (already) ...

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