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Have the Best-Laid Plans of MarsOne Finally Gone Awry?

17 Mar 2015, 18:28 UTC
Have the Best-Laid Plans of MarsOne Finally Gone Awry?
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Just one month after the announcement of the 100 “finalists” selected by MarsOne – a Dutch nonprofit company that’s promising to establish a permanent colony on the Red Planet by 2025 – a scathing exposé has been published online that reveals some of the behind-the-scenes processes that have been going on for applicants, as described by selected finalist Dr. Joseph Roche, who happens to be an astrophysicist and assistant professor at Trinity’s College of Education in Dublin, Ireland.
In fact, based on the article in Medium, it not only sounds like MarsOne will be unable to deliver on their promises in any reasonable fashion – they may even be a fraud. (A suggested donation of 75% of any interviewees’ profits to the company??)

MarsOne has had its doubters and detractors from the very start, many of them from the spaceflight and engineering sector who don’t see how any of the company’s goals can actually be achieved… especially with a lack of funding, industry partnerships, and most of all in such an unreasonably short timespan.
And yes, I admit I was one of the many hopeful folks who really wanted this to become a reality. But while I understood that there ...

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