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Mars Desert Research Station Crew 145 - Final Report

6 Jan 2015, 20:11 UTC
Mars Desert Research Station Crew 145 - Final Report
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MISSION SUMMARY REPORTMarsWithoutBorders Crew 145MarsWithoutBorders
(MWOB) Expedition 1, Crew145 was a group of international,
interdisciplinary and intercultural team of scientists, engineers, space
physicians and artists. Our aim was to create and test capabilities
related to enable future Human Missions to Mars. To that end, MWOB
conducted its first expedition at the Mars Desert Research Station with
Crew 145 led by Crew Commander, Susan Jewell MD, a veteran MDRS Analog
Astronaut (as the HSO for Crew134 and a finalist for MA365 Artic
competition as HSO /Journalist for FMARS MA365 Crew144). Crew 145
comprised of Crew Engineer/ Robotics, Matteo Borrei, XO/Crew Scientist,
Michal Czapski, and HSO/Greenhab Officer, Julielynn Wong MD. From
the very start of the mission the overwhelming obstacles, the large
number of projects, and reduced size of the crew challenged the team to
its limits both physically and mentally. The original crew of seven
members was reduced to four which increased the physical and operational
workloads and tasks planned for a larger team. These overwhelming odds
played against our mission success during the two week expedition.
Additionally, Dr Jewell completed two prior consecutive ...

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