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Mars Desert Research Station Crew 144 - Final Report

17 Dec 2014, 01:44 UTC
Mars Desert Research Station Crew 144 - Final Report
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The following is the final report of Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Crew 144, which recently wrapped up its two week field visit to the Mars Society's Mars surface simulation facility in southern Utah. Mission SummaryBy Greg Leonard Two weeks ago, crew members from across the globe arrived in the remote, high desert town of Hanksville, Utah, home of the Mars Society’s ‘Mars Desert Research Station’ (MDRS) astronaut analog facility, in great anticipation for our MDRS-144 mission. In the two weeks that followed, this Mars analog research facility became a center for interdisciplinary research, creative outreach, and most importantly a training and proving ground for living and working within the confines of a simulated Mars surface exploration mission. We all believe, very soon, that humans will break the bonds of Earth to begin human-based Mars research exploration and settlement on the Red Planet. There was a palpable sense of validation in our shared dream of Mars exploration, supported by the fact that despite coming from different nationalities (USA, UK, Brazil, Finland, and Japan), age generations, genders, and professional disciplines, the crew is here together and willing to provide service to the advancement of space pioneerism. In addition to our MDRS ...

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