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An Ocean Beyond Earth: Europa Awaits

21 Nov 2014, 21:41 UTC
An Ocean Beyond Earth: Europa Awaits
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It’s no secret that Earth’s ocean is filled with life, much of it still a mystery or totally unknown to science. But what about the ocean on other worlds? I’m not talking about sci-fi planets or suspected alien Earths around other stars, either, but right here in our own solar system, where an ocean even deeper than ours lies hidden beneath a global shell of ice.
Scientists believe there is an ocean hidden beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. In the video above, NASA-JPL astrobiologist Kevin Hand explains why scientists are so excited about the potential of this ice-covered world to answer one of humanity’s most profound questions: does life exist beyond Earth?
To learn more about Europa, click here.
“All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there.”
– 2010
The hell with that, HAL. Let’s go!

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