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The Young Astronomer

Lunar Eclipse 2014

26 Apr 2014, 22:58 UTC
Lunar Eclipse 2014
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I set up the reflectors for the Eclipse on the 14th. This was my very first lunar eclipse, and I’ll say, it was spectacular.
The Big 12 ready for the eclipse!
As expected, the Eclipse started around 11:00, seen as a dark protrusion on one side. The image of the moon dramatically changed over a period of just a few minutes. My little brother Kevin joined and took control of the RV-6, and really enjoyed swapping out eyepieces. It was a lot of fun, and he was very impressed with the views. I was using the 12.5″ and the moon is so bright my eye started to hurt after a while. Kevin came over and enjoyed several minutes on the stepladder intently watching the eclipse. I think he may have an early case of aperture fever!
The shadow continued to creep over surface, gobbling up crater after crater into the inky shadow. I could still see the features, but they were faint in the shadow. Eventually, a soft orange glow came over the shadow area and made the features more pronounced. I created a 4 photo montage showing the stages of the event.
Eclipse montage, taken through both scopes using ...

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