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The Young Astronomer

Some More Sketches

19 May 2014, 05:14 UTC
Some More Sketches
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I’ve made quite a few sketches the last month or so. The recent Mars Opposition made for some great views of the red planet, and I made my first Mars sketch since 2012! I sketched it with the RV-6 on 5/3/14 at 277x. The seeing was excellent.
My next sketch is one of the bright globular cluster M3, or NGC 5272. I sketched it with the Orion Observer 70 and the 16 Nagler. It was nice to have such a wide apparent and true field and some decent magnification. As usual, clicking the photo will show the full resolution view.

Quick question for you, do you prefer seeing the close up “Presentation” view like the Mars sketch, or is the full scanned page better? Moving right along, another sketch I did was spiral galaxy NGC 4753. I highly recommend this galaxy. It was pretty nice and bright, and punched through the light pollution pretty well. Definitely worth a look. Sketched with the 12.5″.

Here is my most recent sketch, one of Saturn I did just the other day. It is my best view of Saturn to date. I got this Saturn template from Jeremy Perez’s website, you can download it ...

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