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The Young Astronomer

A Meeting with Evered Kreimer

20 Jun 2014, 03:24 UTC
A Meeting with Evered Kreimer
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It’s taken me way too long to get around to posting about this, but I had the opportunity to meet Evered Kreimer, the famous astrophotographer who first used the cooled emulsion camera.
Evered Kreimer was a big name in amateur astronomy back in the 60’s and 70’s. He had a contract with Sky and Telescope magazine and had his photos included monthly. He became interested in astronomy when he was a teenager. He moved to Prescott, Arizona in 1962 and built his observatory, housing a Cave 12.5″ F/7 Newtonian. Later on he moved to another part of Prescott and built another observatory. He also had his own imaging processing room, to process and develop the Kodak Tri-X film that he used on his photographs.
One of his biggest contribution was being co-author in the book, The Messier Album published in 1978. This book included information, sketches and photos off all the Messier objects as well as the history of Charles Messier. This is a popular book among astronomers looking for a quick reference on any Messier object. Kreimer included all the photos and John Mallas included the sketches of all the objects as seen through his 4″ Unitron Refractor. This ...

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