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September Astronomical Events + Exciting News

8 Sep 2014, 01:18 UTC
September Astronomical Events + Exciting News
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Hello to all! Schools back in sesion for me here so I hope I will still have the time to be blogging often. I’ve gotten really lazy and haven’t been updating it like I want to be. In any case, September is shaping up to be a great month for me.
Observing wise, this is a great time of year. You can still catch the summer stuff early on in the evening and get a taste of the exciting fall and winter objects to come. Andromeda is up pretty high by 10PM, and it is a great view on those dark nights.
Pegasus, or the Great Square contains a host of galaxies, namely NGC 7331 and Stephans Quintet, a wonderful, but compact grouping of 5 galaxies. I could not see these from my Red Zone backyard in the 12.5″. On a recent trip to my grandpas house, I got to spend a while on Pegasus and was surprised that they were not that apparent at first, even with the 16″ Newtonian. They are just west of the bright galaxy NGC 7331, which it self is accompanied by a few fainter galaxies. These were easy in the 16″ but in the ...

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