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The Young Astronomer

San Dimas Astronomy Club

28 Sep 2014, 03:32 UTC
San Dimas Astronomy Club
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It’s official! I was able to bring the 12.5″ into school to advertise for my newly founded club. At my school, it’s called Club Rush, where all the clubs set up their tables and try to get people to sign up for their club. This was quite a new experience for me as I steered clear of this last year, as it indeed is very busy in the quad.
Last year I brought in the RV-6 to science class and did a talk about telescopes and such and got quite a bit of interest. All the people that were interested signed up the the club. Nobody there could quite come close to showing up that massive telescope sitting out there. Here’s a few photos.
Here is me with the 12.5″ all set up at the school
Now, what do we do at the clubs? I already have several ideas in progress, and the good people at Cloudy Nights gave me a few other ideas. But, for this first meeting, I want to gauge the interest level of the group and see who is really passionate that could help me lead and coordinate future events.
You can see some of the ...

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