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The Thwarted Astronomer

Blissful ignorance

18 Mar 2013, 10:35 UTC
Blissful ignorance
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I know the expression ‘ignorance is bliss’ usually refers to the happy state of not knowing stuff, and not being aware that you don’t know stuff. But for me, it describes the state of excitement I’m feeling about taking my first few steps out of extreme ignorance, (where you actually think you know a thing or two), into realising that there’s a world, nay, a vast universe, of stuff out there waiting to be discovered.
It’s that feeling where one brave step into the unknown opens up a world of unbelievable possibilities, research, new thoughts and questions. Where things you didn’t realise existed are waiting to be viewed, but now you do because you looked up and started asking a few questions.
For example, a few nights ago I continued my futile and, as yet, thwarted attempt to glimpse what is the current astronomical stir of the month, the Pan-Starrs comet. Binoculars were at the ready (it turns out my father-in-law loved bird-watching and my husband had inherited his pair, Mark Scheffel 10-30 x 50). Now, while I’m absolutely delighted each time I read that someone else has spotted it, and relish the photos with a tinge of awe, I ...

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