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About my short visit to a third planet around a yellow star

My God! It's full of galaxies!

9 Jun 2014, 00:32 UTC
My God! It's full of galaxies!
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How many stars we can see with the naked eye on a clear, moonless night sky? Perhaps 5000 stars? May be 6000? Or may be 3000? Whatever is the number, it is in "thousands". It is also possible to see some foggy star clusters that are surrounding our 'Milkyway' Galaxy. Come to think of it, we can see our own Milkyway galaxy if you have a very clear night! (I highly recommend once in your lifetime to go out, and watch the Milkyway. It is awe inspiring!) And you can also see our nearest neighboring galaxy (Andromeda).What if we want to see galaxies much further away? And how far 'away' can we see? How *many* galaxies can we see? Fortunately, we have NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (HST) that can answer some of these questions. Astronomers asked HST to peer at one location in the sky, for a period of time, and created a picture of that sliver of the Universe. Here is that picture:Fig. 1: An image of the Universe, from ultraviolet to infra-red part of the light, in one tiny part of the night sky, created by Hubble Space Telescope. There are about 10,000 galaxies in this picture. Some ...

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