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Buzz Aldrin: It’s Time to Put a Man on Mars

15 Jul 2014, 19:56 UTC
Buzz Aldrin: It’s Time to Put a Man on Mars
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By Dr. Buzz AldrinTime Magazine, 07.15.14On the 45th anniversary of the moon landing, the U.S. should decide on the necessary steps to explore Mars with the eventual goal of establishing a manned settlement there.It's hard to believe that on July 20, 2014, we'll be celebrating the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11, man's first landing on the moon. It's also hard to believe that no one can really say where the U.S. manned space exploration program is heading and how we're going to get there. People come up to me and say, "It's too bad the space program got canceled." Which is not the case and yet that is what most of the public thinks has happened. Yes, we hear from NASA that the destination is Mars - and yet there is no detailed plan on how to get there. No one can seem to agree on a clear path. The nation is understandably focused on many other pressing challenges at the moment. However, if we don't make some important decisions about the future of our space program very soon, I'm afraid the program will be lost to the ages.To read the full article, please click here.

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