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ICHEP at a distance

11 Jul 2014, 11:45 UTC
ICHEP at a distance
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I didn’t go to ICHEP this year. In principle I could have, especially given that I have been resident at CERN for the past year, but we’re coming down to the end of our stay here and I didn’t want to squeeze in one more work trip during a week that turned out to be a pretty good opportunity for one last family vacation in Europe. So this time I just kept track of it from my office, where I plowed through the huge volume of slides shown in the plenary sessions earlier this week. It was a rather different experience for me from ICHEP 2012, which I attended in person in Melbourne and where we had the first look at the Higgs boson. (I’d have to say it was also probably the pinnacle of my career as a blogger!)
Seth’s expectations turned out to be correct — there were no earth-shattering announcements at this year’s ICHEP, but still a lot to chew on. The standard model of particle physics stands stronger than ever. As Pauline wrote earlier today, the particle thought to be the Higgs boson two years ago still seems to be the Higgs boson, to the best ...

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