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The Dawn of a New Age for Sci/Tech Reporting

10 Nov 2009, 19:52 UTC
The Dawn of a New Age for Sci/Tech Reporting
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You may have noticed the increased chatter about the quality of sci/tech reporting in recent years. I know I have.
In this age of incredible technological advancements and scientific discovery, it can often be very hard for reporters to root out what is important and what isn’t. Also, with the increasing reach of online media, there’s a massive opportunity for media outlets to communicate science through good science journalism. This is essential, as pseudo-science and bad science reporting is often being communicated faster. Unfortunately, with the continuing cutbacks being made by traditional media sources of their science coverage, disinformation is finding an unprecedented foothold in popular culture, culminating in irrational fears of scientific achievement and scaremongering hype.
But this has created an unprecedented opportunity for a small band of professional correspondents, editors, producers and publishers known as Discovery News.
For the last 11 years, Discovery News has been working hard to report on advancing sci/tech trends as the news body of the Discovery Channel. On Sunday, Discovery News came of age; it was re-launched and re-branded with a new design and URL.
At a time where cutbacks are becoming the norm, it might seem strange to see a ...

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