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Mallincam Jr. Pro Standard - First Light Report

29 Apr 2014, 23:38 UTC
Mallincam Jr. Pro Standard - First Light Report
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Well I did it. I jumped into the video world. Now I'll be upfront, I have used CCD as my assisted viewing tool for quite some time, but decided that it was worth a try at least to go and get one of these Mallincams to try out. Found one use, scooped it up, so here we go. I'll be doing some more captures not doubt in the weeks ahead. I live in a red zone, and I certainly see the reddish in my background. Here are my first grabs. I have a lot to learn. I am frankly a bit surprised of the learning curve, as it pertains to all these tweaks, but you can rest assure, I'll give it my best and see where the video astronomy world takes me. All were capture with my Celestron C8 on a CG5GT mount, guided with PHD, and I used a Meade f3.3 Focal Reducer. They are all 60 second exposures, with NO processing. So this is going to be interesting. I am planning on doing a whole series of blog posts on the Mallincam. In addition, how it compares to using a CCD imager, either a Orion G3 OSC or ...

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