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Horsehead Nebula IC 434

18 Nov 2013, 19:13 UTC
Horsehead Nebula IC 434
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This is by far my deepest exposure so far consisting of 4, 4 minute exposures. Actually about 8 total exposures, but only 4 were decent enough to stack. Not too bad for an entry level camera like the Meade DSI II. Oh, and yes, the camera is color, but I really prefer to image in monochrome from time to time because of some of the color balance issues and hot pixels present in the camera. As you can tell, my CCD is dirty as well, so that's my next project, either getting the CCD clean and free of dust or learning how to do flat frames. Since I am doing all of this astrophotography more for the semi-live viewing experience than for the pretty pictures, I'm rather happy with the results.Horsehead Nebula - IC 434 - C8@f3.3, Meade DSI II Color w/monochrome setting. 4x4min exposures, using Envisage, and processed with Startools.

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