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Dear Astronomer

Top Ten Bad Astronomy Jokes

13 Apr 2014, 08:51 UTC
Top Ten Bad Astronomy Jokes
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Welcome to the latest episode of The Carnival of Space! Here’s some highlights of space and astronomy news from the past week. We’ve got great stories on citizen science, gravity waves, SpaceX, and more!
Leading off this week’s Carnival of Space are my friends at Cosmoquest with a trio of articles. First up, Crater Counters Rejoice! Big news from the citizen science site CosmoQuest, where amateur crater mappers are shown to do just as well as the experts. Learn more at: http://cosmoquest.org/x/blog/2014/03/crater-counters-rejoice/
Next up from Cosmoquest, Is it Earth or is it Not? CosmoQuest’s educational game exploring planetary surface features makes it to iOS. Check out Cosmoquest’s newest educational app at: http://cosmoquest.org/x/blog/2014/03/earth-or-not-earth-for-ios-is-here/
Learn how a great resource for educational materials from NASA gets some new upgrades at: http://cosmoquest.org/x/educatorszone/2014/03/14/access-nasa-education/
Buddhist deity w/ night skyCredit: Astronomy club Toutatis/S. LamoureuxNext up, follow Links Through space on their Astronomy trip through Cambodia – A series of 6 posts on Astronomy in Cambodia. Check out part 4 of the virtual journey at: http://linksthroughspace.blogspot.fi/2014/02/cambodia-2014-southern-night-sky-stars.html
The Chandra Blog asks: “What Makes An Astronomical Image Beautiful?” learn more at: http://chandra.si.edu/blog/node/491
Europa or bust: A possible mission to the icy moon of Jupiter in fy 2015 budget proposal. The ...

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