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Is there a doctor on Mars?

31 Jan 2014, 10:02 UTC
Is there a doctor on Mars?
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It sounds like something from a science-fiction survival-film: a colleague on a Martian outpost breaks a leg during a mission far from base. Brought back safely to base, the colleague is unconscious and losing blood. To make matters worse the patient is the only person who is qualified to provide aid for this type of emergency. The MarsCrew134 Analogue Astronaut Expedition is simulating a mission to Mars over the course of two weeks at Mars Desert Research Station in the Utah desert, USA. Susan Ip Jewell, MarsCrew134 Medical Officer and Executive Office and member of the International Space Surgery Consortium is leading an experiment to play out the survival scenario. A realistic dummy used in hospitals acted as the Marsonaut in need of aid while two crewmembers of MarsCrew134 got ready to perform emergency first aid with minimal prior training. To help and guide the MarsCrew134 team they called for help: doctors on ‘Earth’ – Matthieu Komorowski in Lille, France (medical officer of Crew133) – and ‘Mars’ – the Concordia team in Antarctica – joined the operation remotely. The International Space Surgery Consortium provided off-line support. The goal of this experiment is to see whether minimally trained crew personnel can ...

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