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The Nature of Reality

Journey Into the Dark Realm

22 Jan 2014, 14:50 UTC
Journey Into the Dark Realm
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After nearly a century of observations, astronomers have concluded that the type of matter that makes up you and me amounts to just a scant 5% of the recipe of the universe. A ghostly form of matter called dark matter is five times more common than our familiar atoms. True to its name, dark matter emits no light; we “see” it only indirectly, by measuring its gravitational pull on ordinary atoms. So how do we know it’s really there? To be sure, we need to detect dark matter directly.

Flickr/luxdarkmatter under a creative commons license
Physicists have been searching for dark matter particles for decades now. Some experiments seem to have caught them while other, equally powerful experiments have failed to find any evidence for dark matter. Most recently, the ultra sensitive LUX detector, a vat of liquid xenon buried in a mile-deep underground lab, found no evidence for dark matter and ruled out earlier measurements that had reported hints of a signal. Does this mean one or more of these results is wrong? Not necessarily. There are ways for both the LUX measurement and earlier measurements to be true, but this requires that dark matter and ordinary matter interact ...

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