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Dear Astronomer

Fifty Amazing Facts About The Moon

23 Jan 2014, 18:59 UTC
Fifty Amazing Facts About The Moon
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A while back I was approached by a media company asking if I would share an infographic they produced about the Moon.
Generally speaking, I’ve never been keen on passing around infographics, as they are usually full of inaccuracies.
However, I took some time to email the producers and express my concerns over a few inaccuracies that I noticed at a quick glance.
To my surprise, I received a reply to my email, and the producers were receptive to the suggestions I made.
Even more surprising, the company made a donation to my friends at Cosmoquest for my time.
Follow the “Continue Reading” link below to see the full infographic in its corrected, and mostly accurate glory!

50 Amazing Facts About The Moon. Image Credit: NeoMam Studios

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