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Telesurgery experiment: Mars to Earth

24 Jan 2014, 15:55 UTC
Telesurgery experiment: Mars to Earth
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Unfortunately the planned telesurgery hookup with Concordia and the Mars Desert Research Station did not work.

Adrianos writes:

"Yesterday we tried for more than 2 hours to connect with you, and our IT technician did a tremendous effort, but unfortunately without success. We encountered a multitude of problems and solved a few but eventually we could not locate and call your address or receive your call."

Credit: Mars134

The experiment continued as planned without the medical doctors in Concordia with a telesurgery-teleanesthesia. Dr. Susan Jewell, crew executive officer for the Mars134 team in Utah writes:

"I want to convey my appreciation to everyone who participated in the telesurgery-teleanesthesia early this morning . We were able to achieve many of the objectives we had planned, in addition, encountered new operational and technical challenges during the simulation."

Credit: Mars134

All experiments are helpful in the end and the Mars134 team learn alot about operating protocols, instructions, real-time delays in communication and use of non-expert medical personnel to perform procedures.

The debriefing with doctors from ground control summarised the experience:

"These conversations and lessons learned are providing a valuable platform for all of us to explore what would be required in training a ...

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