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Mock Mars Mission: Packing for the Red Planet

31 Dec 2013, 17:42 UTC
Mock Mars Mission: Packing for the Red Planet
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By Elizabeth Howell, Space.com, 12.31.13OTTAWA, CANADA — I'll admit it: I've become that annoying friend and family member, just in time for the busy holiday season. While the people I know are preoccupied with Christmas and New Year's events, I'm making constant requests to borrow things from them."Can I nab your warm sleeping bag?" I said to a friend who then had to make a special trip to my place with her precious cargo in the car."Is it okay if I take your DSLR — and can you show me how to make videos with it?" I asked a long-suffering family member who, despite a punishing schedule, is always being harassed for tech support.I'll have to think of ways to pay them back. Right now, though, I'm just too busy packing. I'm about to spend two weeks in the Utah desert on a simulated Mars mission, unable to buy even a toothbrush there to get me through the days. I, along with the rest of a University of North Dakota-led crew, will be onsite at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) starting Jan. 4.To read the full article, please click here.[Image: K.Nebergall]

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