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Low Costs. Rapid Testing. Right-Sized Processes.

22 Mar 2011, 20:53 UTC
Low Costs. Rapid Testing. Right-Sized Processes.
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XCOR 5K18Why work with a New Space firm? As a major Prime, why not just build it yourself? New Space firms won’t have access to the equipment you do. New Space firms won’t have as diverse of a workforce as you do.ULA had reasons for working with New Space. In their announcement this week, United Launch Alliance (LM and Boeing) described the reasons for working with XCOR on a new innovative Aluminum rocket engine technology:Lower Costs: “performance and reliability our customers need at a more affordable price.” The overhead/G&A cost burdens for large companies often makes one hour of effort for a smaller company cost less than at larger aerospace firms - even when you factor in the smaller firm's profit margins. Faster to Test and Re-test: “rapid turnaround for build and test cycles that drive innovative learning.” A culture built on the idea of “when in doubt, build” rather than a culture built on “when in doubt, PowerPoint”.Right-sized Processes: “small company project management approach.” Larger companies often times have a one-size-fits-all set of processes that may work well for large development efforts but may need to be rethought for smaller, more risk-tolerant efforts. Kudos for ULA/XCOR recognizing the need ...

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