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NASA's Commercial Crew/Cargo Market Assessment

16 May 2011, 19:19 UTC
NASA's Commercial Crew/Cargo Market Assessment
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NASA has released a 40-page Commercial Crew/Cargo Market Assessment for Low Earth Orbit. RLV News pointed me to the softcopy – thanks Clark.Here is NASA’s summary of the next ten years of projected commercial demand for cargo and crew to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with commercial demand ranging from 7K-60K lbs of cargo and from 44 to 360 commercial astronauts.Here are the Nuggets from NASA's assessment I found especially valuable:Crew Transportation drives the overall market.4 Commercial Crew/Cargo Markets: (1) Countries lacking Space Programs, (2) Space Tourism, (3) Applied Research, (4) Other Markets – Satellite Servicing, Media, EducationReport looked at a ten year time horizonReport excluded NASA Crew/Cargo usage - commercial usage onlyThe average ISS crew member uses 10.3 lb/cargo per day (based on historical NASA/Russian usage)4 Space Tourism Growth Constraints: (1) Crew Transport Availability, (2) Cost per customer, (3) lack of destinations besides ISS, (4) long training timeISS’s Upmass Requirements 2011-2020 = 318K lbs: (1) Core Systems/Operations = 194,820 lbs, (2) Funded Research = 80,067 lbs, (3) National Lab Utilization (unfunded) = 43,266 lbsCurrent ISS limitations as a research platform: (1) Inadequate HW/instruments to support research, (2) lack of frequent and affordable up/downmass to/from ISSReport concludes that availability of up ...

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