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Interview: Alan Wasser & Space Property Rights Textbook

22 May 2011, 20:48 UTC
Interview: Alan Wasser & Space Property Rights Textbook
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The National Space Society posted last week about a new Law School text book that includes a chapter on space property rights written by Alan Wasser and the Space Settlement Institute.I first interviewed Alan Wasser a year ago and later built a business case on a lunar facility operating under Alan’s proposed land claims legislation. With the release of the new textbook, I wanted to catch up with Alan so he could give you an update:Q. For those that don’t know, what is "Land Claims Recognition" and how does it relate to space property rights?Alan Wasser: There is one very high value, zero volume product that already exists in space, just lying around waiting for us to exploit it: Real Estate. Land Claims Recognition would allow private Lunar settlements to claim some Lunar real estate and sell portions to people back on Earth, serving as a revenue source to fund private enterprise space settlement. No need to set up a factory in space, No need to mine it. No need to haul it back. Just land, set up a permanent settlement, claim it, and start selling the surrounding land to investors and speculators back on Earth to pay back the ...

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