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Commercial Asteroid Return to Station

22 Jun 2011, 19:49 UTC
Commercial Asteroid Return to Station
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Back in 2010, Michael Mealing began to consider a spacecraft mission to capture and return a very small Near Earth Object (NEO) to the ISS or Bigelow module for study. He writes about business concept here. Michael’s point, humanity will only travel into the solar system if they can make money at each step. NEOs may be the next step after LEO. Then in January, 2011, the topic of a NEO capture and return to LEO comes up again in the comment discussions on the Space Business Blog here. So Michael and I have teamed up to continue refining this business concept.Here’s a Pencast describing the basic concept for a mission to return a small asteroid sample to a space station in LEO. I also include a few markets that might make such a mission profitable.NEO Return to Stationbrought to you by LivescribeMoon dust legally for sale - $50K for a few small specs. Next, I will walk you through the spreadsheet model built to analyze what would be required for a mission like the one described in the Pencast above.Assumptions:Spacecraft launched to LEO Space station to standby until target asteroid has been identified.Spacecraft launched from LEO space station and ...

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