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Does your Mom Understand your Business Plan?

17 Aug 2011, 04:31 UTC
Does your Mom Understand your Business Plan?
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Several months ago Jonathan Goff, CEO at Altius Space Machines, called me. ASM was preparing for a business plan “sprint” to compete in the 2011 Heinlein Business Plan competition in Silicon Valley (hosted by the Space Frontier Foundation). Could I help with the business stuff?Jon had been pitching his new technology – “Sticky Boom” which is a really long tube with glue pads on the end of it. Only the tube can be rolled in or out and the glue can be turned on or off via an electric current. Altius knew Sticky Boom had space rendezvous and docking applications (think servicing satellite, grabbing lost wrenches during EVAs, etc.), but could we wrap a business around this cool technology?Assisting on the Altius Business plan has been a big part of my life over the last few months which is my excuse for light blogging. I am pleased with the result (yes, we won the $25K grand prize). Here is Jon Goff, Altius's CEO, pitching the plan (worth watching to get a better feel for what ASM is really trying to do as a company - about 6 minutes long).Here are a few highlights the team at Altius and I kept ...

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