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Would a Reusable Falcon Hurt SpaceX?

8 Sep 2012, 04:19 UTC
Would a Reusable Falcon Hurt SpaceX?
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What happens if SpaceX is successful at achieving its Falcon reusability goals. Here is the video of SpaceX’s plans to recover and reuse the majority of its Falcon launch system.Let me make some assumptions about a Reusable Falcon (R-Falcon) to make my point that such a system may pose challenges for SpaceX.On the surface, an R-Falcon would be great. If my assumptions below are accurate, only $16M per flight, a flight every 30 days, only two thousand dollars per KG. From a consumer perspective this would be great! SpaceX is adding reusability to the large rockets they already have. And they will probably be successful at it. They do seem to achieve what they put their mind to, however, could there be an easier road to reusability? Let’s explore the possibility. First what could a large reusable system like SpaceX’s look like (dollars values in millions)? I am still amazed we can’t build Saturn V’s today. We built them before. We went to the moon in them for goodness sake! We knew how to build them…why don’t we know now? Two major reasons:We don’t have the tooling/plans – long since destroyed or lostWe don’t have the knowledge – the NASA/contractor ...

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