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Revenue Ideas for Inspiration Mars

4 Mar 2013, 23:18 UTC
Revenue Ideas for Inspiration Mars
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Last week, Inspiration Mars announced plans to send two human beings in 2018 on the 501 day trip around Mars and return to earth. Inspiration Mars is the brain child of the first space tourist, Dennis Tito. Dennis has announced he will invest up to $100M into Inspiration Mars to fund the effort for the next few years while Inspiration Mars raises the necessary billions ($1-2B) to fully finance the venture. Although Inspiration Mars is a non-profit, here are a few revenue generating ideas to assist with financing. Some of the ideas below won’t generate revenue until after the mission completes. These ideas don’t matter if you can’t raise significant(!) investment/donations from rich individuals. However, these ideas might help Inspiration Mars grow beyond a single success.Ways Inspiration Mars can make money:Sell Human factors data to NASA and other space agencies (during and post mission)The mission may require Aerocapture on earth return. If the first mission is successful, Inspiration Mars will become the experts in Aerocapture. Market Aerocapture solutions for future missions.Sell access to the mission data setWith spacecraft mass/volume/power surplus, sell hosted payload slots for small experiments and commercial payloads (could I get my dog’s ashes sprinkled in Martian orbit? ...

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