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Chronicles from Concordia

Concordia: The base

31 Oct 2013, 13:21 UTC
Concordia: The base
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The first blog entry by the next ESA-sponsored medical doctor to visit Concordia. Leaving soon on his Antarctic adventure Adrian Golemis introduces himself and his destination:
Morale: Excellent
Larisa, Greece. Credits: Google
My name is Adrianos Golemis and I come from the city of Larisa in Greece (39° 39′ N, 22° 25′ E, Picture #1). I was recently appointed as the next ESA research Medical Doctor at Concordia Station, Antarctica (75° 6′ S, 123° 20′ E, Picture #2). This is my first entry for the Concordia blog, a record of our adventure in Antarctica similar to a ship’s journal or an expedition diary. Although we are now nearing our departure for Concordia, this log will start at the beginning when I was selected in June 2013 and introducing the little station that will host 13 people next year.
Larisa, Greece. Credits: A. Golemis
Concordia Base is a Franco-Italian research station in the heart of the Antarctic continent, located at Dome C – also called Charlie or Dome Circe after the sorceress that ensnared Ulysses’ companions in Homer’s Odyssey. Dome Circe is one of the coldest and most desolate places on the Earth. Due to the extreme conditions it looks ...

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