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Water Discovery Is Good News for Mars Colonists

28 Sep 2013, 19:56 UTC
Water Discovery Is Good News for Mars Colonists
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By Irene Klotz, Discovery News, 09.26.13The discovery of water in the soils of Mars bodes well for potential future settlers, but don't pack your bags quite yet.The results come from NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, which landed inside a giant impact basin in August 2012 to assess if the planet most like Earth in the solar system has or ever had the chemical ingredients and environments for life.Its first analysis of fine-grained sand scooped up from the planet’s surface revealed between 1.5 percent and 3 percent of water by weight."If you take a cubic foot of that soil you can basically get two pints of water out it -- a couple of water bottles like you'd take to the gym, worth of water," Curiosity scientist Laurie Leshin, of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, N.Y., told Discovery News."It was kind of a surprise to me," she added.To read the full article, please click here.[Image: NASA]

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