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Chronicles from Concordia

Lucky to be living in silence

19 Sep 2013, 13:08 UTC
Lucky to be living in silence
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We continue Olivier Delanoë’s triptych on Concordia life starting with the leaving of the last aircraft…
Early February the last plane leaves. It’s an emotional moment to see our colleagues leave. For the next nine months our group of 15 people will live together with no help of rescue in case of trouble.
Safety is most important and health issues can have dramatic consequences. We are very aware of this fact as we watch the aircraft disappear over the horizon. Winter has begun and we are on our own.
We are completely isolated from the world in an incredibly hostile environment where temperatures can drop to -80°C. Life outside the base is impossible. Fauna and flora do not have a place in this space-like place. Life in general doesn’t really belong here. Under our feet we find no earth, no lichens, no bushes, nothing but 3300 meters of ice frozen to -50°C on average.

To escape the cold ground but also to avoid build-ups of snow our home is built on stilts. Essentially two large cylinders, the buildings will be our refuge for the winter. The Summer camp is 500 meters ...

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