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The Star Wars Galaxy

4 Sep 2013, 13:29 UTC
The Star Wars Galaxy
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I am sure it is every Star Wars fan’s dream for the Star Wars Galaxy to be a reality! Imagine the possibilities; thousands of species that could share information; millions of fantastical worlds that you could visit in a matter of hours or days; ability to use “the force” to move a lightsabre from one end of a table to the other! The possibilities are endless! But, alas, it is not to be…or is it? Did George Lucas pluck this fantasy galaxy entirely from his own masterful mind or, did he take inspiration from something closer to home; something from reality?
The known galaxy: an accurate impression of how the Milky way ought to look from outside. (Image credit: via wikimedia.org)
On closer inspection there seems to be some striking resemblances between the fictional Galaxy of Star Wars to our very own home galaxy, the Milky Way so let’s break the characteristics of them both down and compare the reality with the fantasy!
Size is always a good place to start when comparing two objects, and with these two galaxies we are talking about huge numbers. The Star Wars Galaxy measures 120 000 light years across and here is where ...

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