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Neptune’s New Moon

30 Aug 2013, 13:49 UTC
Neptune’s New Moon
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If you had asked me in June 2013 how many moons Neptune had, I would have told you the answer was 13. If you asked me in August 2013 how many moons Neptune had, my answer would be 14! 2013 marks the year when a new moon has been found orbiting this giant gas planet.

First, a few facts about Neptune:
Neptune was discovered in 1846 and is the farthest planet from the Sun (after Pluto was demoted to being a “dwarf Planet”). To find Neptune in the night sky you would need a telescope or a good set of binoculars as it is extremely dim. In fact Galileo observed Neptune between 1612 and 1613 but mistook it for a dim star. It takes 164 years to orbit around the Sun and it is named after the Roman god of the sea. Its astronomical symbol is ♆, a version of the god Neptune’s trident.

Image of Neptune taken by Voyager 2Credit: NASA

So how was this Moon discovered?
It was discovered by Mark Showalter who is a Senior Research Scientist at the SETI Institute. Mark now has six moon discoveries to his credit and has discovered ...

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