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August 19-25, 2013 / Vol 32, No 33 / Hawai`i Island, USA

16 Aug 2013, 20:52 UTC
August 19-25, 2013 / Vol 32, No 33 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Russia EVA-35 and ISC Kosmotras Launch of South Korea Satellite

Expedition 36 Cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin (L) and Aleksandr Misurkin (R) prepare for Russia EVA-35 scheduled to begin at 11:40 UT on August 22. This will be their third and final EVA together. They will exit via the Pirs docking compartment and work for 6.5 hours to install an experiment panel and continue routing electric cables for the new Russia Multipurpose Laboratory Module (Nauka) launching to the ISS December 11 aboard an RSA Proton rocket. ESA’s European Robotic Arm (ERA) will launch with and be attached to Nauka. It will be the first robotic arm able to work on the Russia space station segments. Before Nauka and ERA arrive, an EVA will be scheduled to facilitate the deorbit of the Pirs docking module which will burn up upon reentering Earth’s atmosphere. Also on Aug 22, International Space Company Kosmotras is set to launch Korea Aerospace Research Institute’s KOMPSat-5 to LEO aboard a Ukraine-Russia Dnepr LV rocket from Yasny Cosmodrome in Dombarovsky, Russia. Its launch has been delayed since August 2011. Also known as Arirang 5, the 1,400-kg satellite is expected to provide all-weather, 24-hour images of the Korean peninsula for at ...

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