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Chronicles from Concordia

Winter at Concordia

12 Aug 2013, 15:44 UTC
Winter at Concordia
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Glaciologist Albane Barbero tells us how she’s spent the winter at Concordia and what it was like to see the Sun rise again. Loosely translated from the original in French.
Concordia in the moonlight. Credits: IPEV/PNRA–C. Leroy Dos Santos
It all began on Sunday 5 May, when the Sun said goodbye for what would be quite some time. We all gathered at the Astronomy Laboratory to enjoy brunch and some good mulled wine. We’d already spent 3 months in isolation, so this “grand day out” was doing us the world of good. But it brought with it a sort of revelation: “This is it! Winter has truly begun…”. It was a wonderful day, complete with photo sessions to say goodbye to the Sun (which made the briefest of appearances), then games and especially a trilingual version of Pictionary in Italian, English and French (it goes without saying that my team won despite our three different nationalities!). We rounded off the day with a hairdressing masterclass (Simonetta trimmed my hair) and a woodworking session to continue our bookshelves, complete with small dividers separating each letter: a very professional affair!
The start of ‘real winter’, as I call it, was marked by ...

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