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Chronicles from Concordia

Heavenly visions

8 Aug 2013, 17:50 UTC
Heavenly visions
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I could have waited before sending this latest page of my story. But I just can’t. I’m far too excited, even now, by what I saw a few hours ago.
This afternoon I went outside to carry out some work in an external laboratory. As usual, I took my camera and tripod. An hour later, I got ready to move to another external laboratory. As always, I put everything on: two pairs of gloves, a neck warmer, goggles, hat and torch. I radioed in my movements and set off. A few metres from my destination, my goggles were so fogged up that I had to lower them to see where I was going. My breath reflected the light of the torch so in order to see, I held my breath. Just at that moment, high in a sky made almost starless by moonlight, I saw the outline of strange green clouds… There it was: an aurora.
Without thinking twice I radioed in and told everyone to go outside: “There’s an amazing aurora – it’s fantastic!”. I started taking photos. A few minutes later my camera switched itself off and I was literally freezing to death. But the sight before me ...

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