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Fantastic Solar Activity right now!

15 Nov 2012, 16:10 UTC
Fantastic Solar Activity right now!
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Our closest star is putting on a fantastic show for white light solar observers right now!Image courtesy of NASA SOHO Site http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/sunspots/There are superb views to be had in white light, as you can see from the above images. I especially enjoyed AR1614, 1615, and regions 1612 and 1611. In my C8 at f3.3, I could get almost the entire region in one field of view.AR1610 has great detail in the trailing sunspot, with a clear bridge separating the spot, and will most likely become two separate spots as well.AR1610In addition AR1613 looked wonderful too, and had plenty of bright plague around it and close to the limb as well.AR1613AR1611 and AR1612AR1614 is a wonderful group, and will probably turn into quite a few more spots, or at least pores over the next week or so. Note the new group also coming into view!AR1614Now in Ha, the Sun was also putting on a nice show, with two prominences in particular really showing off. Unfortunately, being a complete newbie to Ha imaging, I have this view of the disk detail, but nothing yet for the prominences.Sun on 11-13-2012, taken with Coronado SolarMax 60 II and ImagingSource DMK21 mono cameraAnd in colorGet ...

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