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Jupiter results with the ImagingSource DMK21

19 Nov 2012, 22:05 UTC
Jupiter results with the ImagingSource DMK21
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Yes, this is one of first light reports with the ImagingSource DMK21. My first night was really just getting used to the software and the results. The second evening I was able to obtain a number of images, and these below are processed from series. All images were taken with the DMK21 mono version, with the non-618 chip, and a Celestron C8 with 2x Barlow. To say I'm impressed so far with the camera is an understatement, I'm blown away! This is the perfect setup for planetary imaging. The ImagingSource just picked up a big fan, and I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the cameras as well.This evening was not a good night for seeing, but I was able to pick up a fair amount of activity around the GRS.This was processed in AutoStakkert2, from a later date then the below files.Original orientation, processed in Regitstax6Oriented 90deg via the ICCapture programPrime focus of C8 w/o a BarlowIn addition to a fine imaging camera, the live views are also superb. Below are some of my live videos, some of which have been shared on NightSkiesNetwork and on Google+ Hangouts. They also serve as the basis for some of the processed photos.

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