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Jupiter with GRS and Io Transit Video

15 Dec 2012, 07:48 UTC
Jupiter with GRS and Io Transit Video
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Best seeing I have had for a very long time. These are the raw videos captured with a C8 and 2x Barlow, with a ImagingSource DMK21.04 monochrome camera of Jupiter on the morning of November 22nd. These were captured over a number of hours, starting at about midnight local time, to about 3:30am (Central Time), and clearly shows the GRS transit across Jupiter, plus the shadow of Io. The beginning clips clearly show Io too off to the right of the planet, before it begins transit. I later processed these avi's individually and made my best Jupiter images by far with this setup. There is drift to the video's because my alignment was off on my CG5, still need to work on that.

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