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Orion Atlas Pro AZ EQ-G - Let the dreaming begin!

15 Dec 2012, 19:00 UTC
Orion Atlas Pro AZ EQ-G - Let the dreaming begin!
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The first video I can find of the SkyWatcher AZ EQ-6 mount in the hands of an amateur, and the mount looks and SOUNDS like a real winner! Wait John you say, the title says the Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, yet you just said SkyWatcher, what gives? Basically, SkyWatcher AZ EQ-6 is the UK version, and here in the states we have the Orion branded Atlas Pro AZ EQ-6, so I'll just refer to it as the Atlas EQ-6 from now on since, well I'm in the states. I must say however, I do prefer the white finish of the SkyWatcher, its very classy looking.Now everyone know that the first 3-in-1 mount came from Meade, the LX80. I think its fair to say the reception has been rather luke-warm, with concerns for its rated ability for any OTA 8" or larger in the Equatorial mode. There are some saying anything over 6" would be quite unstable in EQ, but that remains to be seen. In fact, the person that has shared these videos below has successfully utilized the LX80 with a 6" in EQ mode, but I think he has advised against using anything larger, since I got the impression ...

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