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At the Eyepiece

Olivon Eyepieces Review

28 Jan 2013, 15:00 UTC
Olivon Eyepieces Review
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DISCLAIMER: A independent representative associated with Olivon contacted me via email, having heard my podcast on BlogTalkRadio that has a focus on astronomical equipment discussions (AtTheEyepiece), and extended to me the invitation to be loaned their line-up of astronomical eyepieces for a month, so that I could give them an unbiased review. I am in no way associated with Olivon, and have received no reimbursement whatsoever for my objective opinion on their products. I know, the first thing that comes to mind regarding Olivon is "Who are they?" Well, you wouldn't be alone in not knowing much on Olivon, I have to admit myself that prior to being approached by a mutual contact that asked if I would be interested in giving my thoughts on their line-up of eyepieces, I had never heard of Olivon, so here is a quick introduction.Olivon Manufacture Group, as they refer to themselves, is a "family owned and operated" company that has distribution centers in Canada and Sweden. Their manufacturing site, as is so many nowadays, is in China. From a little digging around on their website, and other sites, it appears they have been producing sports optics for quite some time, but astronomy products, ...

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