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Coronado SolarMax 60II Tour of the Sun

20 Feb 2013, 03:37 UTC
Coronado SolarMax 60II Tour of the Sun
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Still learning more and more about Hydrogen-Alpha imaging, but I'm truly enjoying simply videoing the live feeds and then posting up, either here on my blog, or when available sharing on NightSkiesNetwork. Here is the raw video I recorded of our Sun today, February 19th 2013. I used my Coronado SolarMax 60II, and the TIS DMK21.04 monochrome USB camera from The ImagingSource. This camera does very, very well for capturing the solar disk, I just would love to capture a wider field of view, and the prominences at the same time as disk detail. As you can compare this view to my previous post of the Sun captured with the same scope, the Coronado SolarMax 60II, but with the converted surveillance camera, the Samsung SCB2000. What I find most interesting, and still researching the specifics of the "why", is the fact that the Samsung can show you both the surface detail, like filaments and spots, and at the same time prominences. Now the detail isn't as sharp, as would be expected versus the ImagingSource dedicated monochrome, but it still does well. What I really do not like is the distortion around the disk itself, thus distracting from the features somewhat.No ...

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