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The Mysterious Moons of Uranus

31 Jul 2013, 08:35 UTC
The Mysterious Moons of Uranus
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With only two planets in our solar system without moons (Mercury and Venus) our curiosity is a little spoilt for choice. Normally when people begin to search about for information on planets with the most interesting moons dominant planets like Jupiter and Saturn tend to win people’s attention while others fall to the side-lines, destined to go unloved and unnoticed. But even the less noticed have a lot to offer so let’s uncover the mysteries of the rather small moons of the Georgian Planet Uranus.
William Herschel: It’s a law of astronomy communication that this picture must be used in any article about things Uranian. (Image credit :via Wikimedia.org)

Uranus itself is a very interesting planet so of course it should have some interesting moons. It actually has the third most moons in the solar system with 27 known natural satellites orbiting around the planet. Now these moons are actually quite small with Uranus’s largest moon Titania having half the diameter of our own moon! Uranus’s moons are also quite light, in fact if you were where to add up the mass of all Uranus’s moons it would account for less than half of the mass of Neptune’s ...

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